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Riders on the Storm Paranormal vibe

Heard this for the first time today, and was impressed in that I'm a fan of Jim Morrison, but like Snoops 'cover' if the song, Snoop does good job at paying tribute to Jim Morrison.


Paranormal Saturdays are back!

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More info to follow, currently under construction, again...

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The Caige Show

Hello, this show use to be about 'Hot dogs and hot rods', very heartland orientated at first, but I've come to realize heartland types can be just as 'exclusive' as their 'Ivy league' counter parts. So instead I prefer this show, the Caige Show, be about 'Social outcasts' with good hearts, yet whom society may not always 'get'. I've never fit it, not in school, so why should I pretend I fit in now? And those who seek refuge in me don't fit in either, I, the Caige Show, is like a refuge to outcasts and misfits with good hearts. I know that hurts my 'commercial' prospects, but so what, heart, truth and passion over money, is my reality. 

My shows tend to play out more like TV episodes where we deal with all matters of social life.

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Private show forum blog


Not into FB or any other social media platform that sells your info and spies ect, so created own private forum blog where people can read up on current or past episodes and see what else may be going on.

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Life coach, Motivational speaker, comedian and more, drop me a line for free appearance! I love helping Seniors cope, the socially bullied and more!

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Request a live presentation by the host on any subject...will deliver in more passionate way!

The meaning of life is helping others, by helping others we help ourselves as well.

The Caige Show

PO Box 26995 Jacksonville, FL 32226




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