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Caige Programming

Hot dogs and hot rods!!
Is what this show is really about...the Heartland of America.

Hot dogs and hot rods and every day non partisan life, is what this show is about. Partisan radio is for the very low IQ types, the Caige show is for those  who enjoy  thinking outside the box, and who appreciate a bit of humor inserted into common day social issues, the Caige show is for you!

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Reality based broadcasts, what else can I say, either you get that or you don't...and reality doesn't always mean 'ugly', it just means being honest with self and listeners.

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The History of the Caige Show


The same way Trump was born out of peoples need for a political realist, this show was born from peoples need, thirst, for non partisan reality based every day life broadcast.


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Life coach, Motivational speaker, comedian and more, drop me a line for free appearance! I love helping Seniors cope, the socially bullied and more!

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The meaning of life is helping others, by helping others we help ourselves as well.

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