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Clone or 'Siliclone' yourself and or a loved one

Possibly coming soon, a service which specifically allows costumer the ability to 'clone' own identity using silicone technology. In the past if someone wanted to 'clone' another they usually did it through expensive Marble or Bronze sculpture which is just not practical for many. 

My purpose is to create a market for those who want to either clone themselves or clone a loved one, spouse, relative, in order to have something to remember them by when gone and or departed.

They may be 6 feet under, or away, over seas, on military assignment, but that doesn't mean they can't still be with you when alone on couch watching TV, more to follow

In process of finding silicone or siliclone manufacturer or partner

In the process of finding a silicone or siliclone manufacturer or partner which will allow possible future orders to be fulfilled for those wishing to clone themselves or a loved one, in the  form of a life like silicone figure.

If you're looking for 'sex dolls', than this is the wrong service, but if looking to clone yourself or a loved one for sentimental reasons or purposes, than stay tuned.

Why not 'siliclone' your whole family?

Why not siliclone your whole family, everyone could have their own 'clone'.

With new face molding processes, this is possible, stay tuned.


Still under construction


still under construction

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still under construction

Siliclone yourself or loved one!

Siliclone yourself or a loved one, why not? The possibilities are endless.